Gibraltar Valereum acquires Juno

Gibraltar crypto and tech group Valereum Blockchain has agreed to acquire Juno Group of Companies, a Gibraltar-based firm that operates with both fiat and cryptocurrencies and facilitates the formation and management of trusts, administration of funds, and the formation of companies in Gibraltar. Valereum Blockchain has a focus on linking conventional, mainstream currency products into the world of cryptocurrencies, believing in creating a seamless bridge between fiat and crypto securities and linking the two ecosystems.

The global crypto currency markets are now around 1.5 trillion dollars and this agreement is an essential step toward creating a fully regulated link between the fiat and crypto worlds and opening up a range of new opportunities. Gibraltar’s Financial Services Commission has recently given the green light for cryptocurrency firms looking to conduct business in Gibraltar, including Huobi Gibraltar, which provides spot trading services, and’s branch Bullish Limited. Many companies in the crypto space continue to look to Gibraltar with it’s favorable regulatory and business environment.

Gibraltar-based Valereum Blockchain recently announced the acquisition of Juno Group, a company that provides services in the establishment and administration of trusts, money management and enterprise creation in Gibraltar.

Juno, a member firm of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange is licensed by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission as a collective investment scheme administrator (fund administrator) and has three areas of licensed operation: the management of trusts and similar entities, the administration of cash for a range of activities, including both fiat and cryptocurrency transactions and the incorporation and management of businesses in Gibraltar and other countries around the world.

The agreement is an important step toward creating a regulated link between fiat and crypto world, which complements Valereum’s work with the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) in Gibraltar.

Valereum revealed its intention to acquire the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, a regulated exchange that has sought to distinguish itself by pursuing regulated digital assets, in October 2021 which could lead to the world’s first integrated bourse where common bonds can be traded alongside major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE).

Gibraltar continues to prove itself a more favorable regulatory environment for businesses in the cryptocurrency space, the Financial Services Commission of Gibraltar having recently permitted cryptocurrency enterprises looking to operate in the territory, including Huobi Group’s local subsidiary Huobi Gibraltarwhich offers spot trading services, and’s branch Bullish Limited.

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Written By:
Penny Sommerfeld