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Our simple, fast, and well-structured recruitment solutions make it easier for you to create a decentralized future.

Crypto & Web3 recruiters

We have access to a vast network of industry professionals and experts. We’re on top of the latest Web3 trends, technologies and talent. Our unique position allows our clients unparalleled insight and connections. We tailor our services to your needs – we don’t do cookie cutter!

Industry leaders in recruitment

We know the industry inside and out and match companies with the best talent, ensuring success in the fast-changing market. We’re a crypto and Web3 recruitment firm that understands your unique needs and requirements and offers solutions aligned to your hiring goals, not one-size-fits-all.

Honesty and integrity

Professionalism and people matter to us, and we build diverse and inclusive workplaces. Diversity and inclusion are essential parts of team building. We create an environment where different perspectives, experiences and ideas thrive by valuing and supporting diverse teams.

We’re passionate about crypto (and its adoption!)

We’re passionate and invested in adoption and innovation within digital assets, Web3 and emerging finance; in our clients’ growth and success; we accept payment in crypto (we personally invest in some too – NFA!) we believe it’s the future!


RecruitBlock founders set out to make recruitment smarter for crypto, defi, blockchain and web3 scale ups that will change the world of finance and technology.

We make it easy to find the right talent, build relationships, and collaborate, while our recruitment technology helps track and measure recruitment results.

RecruitBlocks’ vision is to continue to support and accurately represent pioneers in decentralized and emerging finance, constantly improving our recruitment solutions to better represent the industry leaders we support.

Penny Sommerfeld

Throughout her 20 years of recruiting experience, Penny has worked with FTSE 100 companies, startups, and high-growth scale-outs in the UK, Spain, and Europe. She has a deep understanding of the technology sector, with a proven track record of attracting, recruiting and onboarding top talent. She is passionate about nurturing and developing strong and diverse teams and developing and managing powerful recruitment strategies.

Paul Owen

Paul has worked in the crypto space since 2017 and has 20 years of experience recruiting, hiring, and retaining talent within fast-growing companies. In 2018, he founded RecruitBlock out of his passion for the potential of blockchain technology. As a result of his unique insight and partnership style, he has enabled several startups and scale-ups in the emerging tech space to build and grow across Europe successfully. With his expertise in start-ups, Paul creates successful teams and builds successful businesses by developing strategic partnerships with companies.

  • Proud contributors to the Crypto Community

    Our team speak at, attend and organise Blockchain and Web3 events across Europe; a recent such example being in central London.

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