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Diversity & Inclusion in Recruitment

Diversity and inclusion in recruitment’s winners findings reveals what can drive real progress within organisations. The results make the business case for inclusion and diversity stronger than ever across all business areas including recruitment and selection.

Accelerated business growth and financial performance – McKinsey’s research on diversity shows that companies with a more diverse culture, gender and ethnicity outperform organizations that don’t support diversity. If you’re considering growing your team check out the report for some interesting stats and data on diversity!

Increase innovation and creativity – Workplace diversity is essential for innovation and creativity within organizations. We believe that different ideas, strengths and interests make a businesses successful too!

Diversity and inclusion includes a company’s mission, purpose and practices to support a diverse workplace and leverage the effects of diversity to achieve a competitive business advantage from search and selection though the entire employee lifestyle.


Improve a company’s reputation – Inclusion is proof of organization’s morale, empathy, and fairness, characteristics that are attractive to talent, a competitive edge when recruiting or searching for hard to find skills.

Make more informed business decisions – Alongside developing an agile organizational culture, diversity is cited as one of the critical factors for better business decision making within technology businesses from search and selection though the entire employee lifestyle.

Attract high-quality employees in your recruitment process – According to Deloitte 67% of people looking for jobs use diversity as an important factor when considering recruiting companies and job offers.

Improve knowledge distribution – A diverse workplace supports deeper knowledge across business operations and employers that support the culture of diversity are more likely to endorse sharing practices inside their organizations, key factors for jobseekers when looking for their next opportunity.

Improve employee engagement – It is documented that workplace diversity improves employee engagement and drives higher morale. Employees are more likely to recommend the company they work for if they experience high levels of employee satisfaction, supporting credibility when recruiting.

Decrease employee turnover – Creating an environment where all employees feel accepted, respected, and valued results in employees staying for longer service with their companies, supporting overall growth and retention.

Increase employee empowerment – According to Salesforce research on diversity, employees who feel their opinion is heard at work are almost five-times more probable to feel empowered to deliver. High on the checklist of any job seeker is having the autonomy to action change and to be heard.

Increase employee loyalty – Salesforce research suggest that employees who say their company presents equal opportunities are nearly four times more inclined to say they are happy to work for their organization. A growing company with a balances workforce will always be more attractive to the most sought after professionals.

Workplace diversity brings different perspectives on how to approach tasks. Diverse senior management teams are more likely to focus on innovation and have been found to be more likely to introduce product innovations than homogenous ones.  

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Diversity & Inclusion in Recruitment and Beyond – Best Practices

Fairness to all employees including balanced salaries and benefits. Equal growth and career advancement opportunities to all employees.
Establishing belonging within the workplace. Inclusive job descriptions and job ads for diverse talent attraction.
Supporting and encouraging innovation and creativity. Educate employees on diversity and inclusion for business success.
Supporting teamwork and collaboration within the organisation. Supporting flexibility in the workplace to attract and retain more diverse employees.
Creating a reliable and valid recruitment process. Promoting diversity and inclusion at all levels of the organization.
Supporting mental health in the workplace. Achieving gender balance and an inclusive culture.
The business case for inclusion and diversity is stronger than ever. Taking a closer look at diversity winners reveals what can drive real progress.

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Written By:
Penny Sommerfeld