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We provide tailored recruitment solutions to international organisations globally, from buzzy start-ups to hyper-growth scale-ups.

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    It’s our job to find top crypto web3 & blockchain talent that can help your organization succeed.  Our recruitment process is highly efficient, allowing us to source and secure the best talent in the market. We also provide a comprehensive suite of recruitment services, including salary negotiation, onboarding, and retention.

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    We connect qualified crypto web3 & blockchain talent with organizations that are driving innovation and development in the space, ensuring that our community has access to the skilled professionals it needs to thrive. RecruitBlock is committed to staying at the forefront of future trends and challenges.

Our recruitment process goes beyond just filling jobs, we match qualified candidates with companies where their personality and work style fits.

  • VP of Finance - Pudgy Penguins

    Challenge: To find a standout candidate with proven crypto/defi finance experience. A Certified Public Accountant or Chartered Accountant 0ur candidate needed to be crypto native with solid understanding of traditional finance and experience setting up and managing finances for multiple companies, as well as having excellent technical accounting skills combined with good data, analytics, statistical and reporting skills. Solution: Through our US network, community channels and social media, we reached out to a wide pool of engaged talent with a passion for working in a high growth, start-up environment and the motivation and desire to successfully deliver in an entrepreneurial team. The candidate hired was a perfect fit and will step into it with an immediate impact.

    Assignment Completed
  • Head Of Compliance & MLRO

    Challenge: To recruit a first-class Head of Compliance & MLRO for Gibraltar to oversee all aspects of the compliance operations, DLT provider licensing application, as well as compliance and regulatory policies, procedures, systems, and controls. Solution: Through our Gibraltar compliance network, we reached out to a wide pool of engaged and experienced compliance talent with a passion for working in Gibraltar’s DLT regulatory environment. We found somebody who’s going to be a great asset to the company with his energy and enthusiasm.

    Assignment Completed
  • Crypto Broker - LondonLink

    Challenge: Due to crypto market’s 24-hour nature, our client needed to recruit a candidate with relevant crypto and brokerage experience and who were prepared to work non-standard working hours and days. The successful candidate had to be able to provide excellent customer service, have strong problem-solving skills, and be comfortable working in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. Solution: Through the use of our existing network, London and international crypto community channels and social media RecruitBlock were able to reach out to a wide pool of engaged talent, quickly delivering a qualified candidate and an efficient hire for the client. The crypto community proved to be a great source of qualified and interested candidates.

    Assignment Completed
  • Customer Success Manager - Fortris

    Challenge: A strategic and customer facing vacancy became available in Málaga that required a senior profile candidate with B2B customer operations, BD and sales experience from the fintech sector. The successful candidate was expected to have a proven track record in relationship management, a deep understanding of the financial technology sector, and a strong network of contacts. Good communication skills, as well as the ability to think creatively and solve problems, were also essential. Solution: We provided Fortris with a suite of suitable candidates and supported end-to-end hiring process in under five weeks by leveraging an extensive European network of candidates from the fintech industry.

    Assignment Completed
  • Operations Manager - Orbital

    Challenge: Orbital required a tailored recruitment strategy, including screening and interviewing, to ensure an effective hire of an in-demand skillset. This involved providing a comprehensive recruitment solution and metrics to measure the success, a comprehensive recruitment plan, focused on identifying and screening qualified candidates, offer negotiation and successful onboarding. Solution: We provided six pre-screened and suitable candidates from our Gibraltar crypto industry network and supported end-to-end hiring process in under three weeks. We provided a detailed reports on the candidates, their skills, experience and salary expectations. We also provided ongoing recruitment support throughout the onboarding process.

    Assignment Completed
  • Head of Risk - Orbital

    Challenge: Recruiting an experienced Senior Risk professional with crypto industry experience and equipped to work in a regulator-approved position. The candidate needed to have strong knowledge of risk management, compliance, and crypto-related regulations. They also needed to demonstrate ability to implement strategies and procedures to reduce risk and manage risk-related issues. Solution: We utilized our established network of regulator-approved risk professionals within the crypto industry to provide a selection of suitable candidates for the client. We narrowed down the list to a select few and worked closely with the client to ensure a perfect fit. Orbital quickly found the ideal candidate for the job!

    Assignment Completed

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