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  • Crypto Meetup by RecruitBlock

    Crypto Meetup by RecruitBlock

    Queens Picturehouse and Eatery, located in Casemates Square, Gibraltar, provided the perfect backdrop for conversation and open knowledge-sharing about crypto, blockchain technology, digital currency and the future of money.

  • Crypto Liquidations & Crypto Price Drops

    Crypto Liquidations & Crypto Price Drops

    The "red Monday" in cryptocurrency markets can be attributed to various factors, such as profit-taking by investors after Bitcoin's surge, concerns over regulatory measures in certain countries, and market volatility fueled by speculative trading. These...

  • PayPal Stablecoin – PayPal Coin

    PayPal Stablecoin – PayPal Coin

    Hidden code in the company’s iPhone app shows that a potential “PayPal Coin” would be backed by the U.S. dollar. If a "PayPal Coin" backed by the U.S. dollar were to be launched, it could have significant implications for the cryptocurrency market. The...

  • Crypto, FinTech & Blockchain Recruitment

    Crypto, FinTech & Blockchain Recruitment

    Crypto, fintech & blockchain retained & contingency recruitment partners for crypto, blockchain and fintech companies internationally. We identify, select and recruit crypto, blockchain and fintech professionals across:

  • InsurTech – UK Review

    InsurTech – UK Review

    InsurTech (insurance technology) is starting to catch up its close relative FinTech in terms of new startups and bring innovation to the traditional insurance world

  • Equity Crowdfunding in UK – Review

    Equity Crowdfunding in UK – Review

    Equity Crowdfunding provides a door for entrepreneurs to open who wish to gain access to capital.

  • Renewable Energy & Blockchain Technology

    Renewable Energy & Blockchain Technology


  • COVID-19, Blockchain & HealthTech

    COVID-19, Blockchain & HealthTech

    The 2020 Covid pandemic has sped up the adoption of blockchain and other emerging technologies in health.

  • UK RegTech

    UK RegTech

    What Is RegTech?

  • FinTech, Crypto & Blockchain Salaries

    FinTech, Crypto & Blockchain Salaries

    Salary can be the difference between recruiting and retaining your best employees or losing that talent to your competitors.

  • Málaga, The Tech City of the Future

    Málaga, The Tech City of the Future

    Málaga is fast becoming a sought after destination for digital companies, and is positioning itself as a leading location for innovative businesses who are looking to attract the best technical talent into their teams.

  • Tech Track 100: HR & Business Trends

    Tech Track 100: HR & Business Trends

    The Tech Track 100 is the most widely recognised league table of Britain’s fastest growing private technology companies, based upon their sales growth over the last three years.