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Providing flexible, candidate-centric, and affordable recruitment solutions for crypto web3 & blockchain innovators. We connect the world’s best talent with leading innovators.


Finding the best talent is easy with our contingent recruitment service. Through our recruiting solutions, RecruitBlock keeps up with the latest crypto web3 & blockchain developments to find the best expert candidates. RecruitBlock constantly monitors industry trends, technologies, and advancements, ensuring that we have a thorough understanding of the required skills. We connect organizations with candidates who are not only highly skilled, but also up-to-date on the latest industry knowledge, helping to drive innovation and stay ahead.

We understand the importance of finding the right candidate and work hard to ensure that organizations are able to find the right fit. RecruitBlock’s recruitment solutions are designed with flexibility and the needs of our clients and candidates in mind. We understand that each individual has unique preferences and requirements and by putting the candidate at the centre of our process, we aim to create a positive and mutually beneficial experience for both the candidate and employer.

We've Helped:

  • Our goal is to help create an inclusive and thriving crypto web3 & blockchain ecosystem.

    We support an inclusive ecosystem which not only promotes diversity and equal opportunities, but it also fosters innovation and drives growth. By embracing individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, we tap into a wide pool of talent and ideas, leading to creative solutions and developments.

  • We’re committed to providing a personalised and tailored recruitment experience.

    Our experienced recruiters have a deep understanding of crypto web3 & blockchain industry across the UK, EU, US, UAE and Asia we’ve helped start-ups to become household names in the market. Get in touch with our recruiting team about your hiring needs.

An inclusive ecosystem encourages collaboration and knowledge-sharing, allowing for the exchange of insights and expertise that will propel the industry forward.