Gibraltar Meetup- Networking, Sushi & Crypto Cocktails

Gibraltar enjoys a strong international community that shares a passion for crypto, web3 & blockchain innovation and how this technology is transforming the world.

RecruitBlock, in partnership with Crypto Gibraltar, is providing free networking events with high quality content in support of the international crypto, web3 and blockchain community.

Everyone from founders, developers, investors, traders, industry experts from legal, finance and compliance, regulators, curious tradfi-ers, newbies and creatives are welcome.

By bringing experts together to discuss topics ranging from blockchain, digital assets, crypto and tech, we build meaningful networks, share views, learn and discover.

Paul Owen – Director

Many thanks to everyone who attended our first quarterly RecruitBlock meetup of 2023 in Gibraltar! There has so much positive feedback and we’d like to thank speakers, Sam Buxton from and Gianni Brisson from Hugs for sharing insights into their businesses – your success and growth are inspirational and to be congratulated!

We’ll be running the summer event at the end of June- sign up to Crypto Web3 Blockchain Meetup to stay informed.

Written By:
Penny Sommerfeld