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Málaga, The Tech City of the Future

Málaga officials recently unveiled Málaga’s potential and growth plans at the National Investment Summit ‘Invest in cities’. Economic development projects, competitive advantages and a commitment to technology were highlighted during talks and have already put the area on the map for investors.

Boosting the technology sector and creating digitization opportunities for companies appeared to be the clear objective during the talks. ‘Invest In Cities’ was organized by Grupo PGS in collaboration with the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (Cepyme) and is the benchmark summit of cities for investment.

Cristóbal Garre, Councilor for Economic Development and SMEs, invited investment into the Málaga and the area, which already enjoys the Smartcity status. Office spaces, technology parks alongside other infrastructure ideas to support the vision and to create a sustainable city of excellence and knowledge were proposed.

Marbella has an approved budget of €313M this year, covering initiatives such as the Operational Program for Employment, Training and Education (POEFE) & Sustainable Urban Development Strategies.

Garre spoke of positioning the city among the largest digital ecosystems in the world, highlighting the importance of international travel connections, investment and talent. Companies considering the move would be joining other big names such as Ebury, Google (VirusTotal), Technest alongside international gaming companies The Workshop, Knockout Gaming, digital solutions firms Ciklum and smaller innovators Shapelets among many others.

Image of bride in San Pedro de Alcantara, Malaga
San Pedro de Alcántara, Málaga
Skilled talent in high demand across Europe will enjoy high living standards offered by the area and could give local businesses a competitive advantage in the busy marketplace. It’s clear that the area offers an abundance of professional growth opportunities, high quality of life in addition to one of the highest percentage of green spaces per inhabitant in Europe. Free, energy efficient public transport offering WIFI, high security and 5G coverage point towards the strategic plan to create a sustainable city of excellence and knowledge.

It will be interesting to witness the Málaga area, historically considered for its tourism and services, position itself alongside the largest global tech cities and become a benchmark for Europe as the ideal location for technology and start-up companies.

…entrepreneurs and technical talent who want to grow business and develop their careers might be well advised to consider the Málaga area for their next move…

Written By:
Penny Sommerfeld