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  • Gibraltar Valereum acquires Juno

    Gibraltar Valereum acquires Juno

    Gibraltar crypto and tech group Valereum Blockchain has agreed to acquire Juno Group of Companies, a Gibraltar-based firm that operates with both fiat and cryptocurrencies and facilitates the formation and management of trusts, administration of funds, and the formation...

  • UK WealthTech

    UK WealthTech

    WealthTech is creating digital solutions to transform the investment and asset management industry.

  • VASP’s & Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    VASP’s & Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    A cryptocurrency exchange, is an online platform that allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies (digital currencies) for other assets, this can be fiat money or other crypto, based on the market value of the given asset.

  • Diversity & Inclusion in Recruitment

    Diversity & Inclusion in Recruitment

    Diversity and inclusion in recruitment’s winners findings reveals what can drive real progress within organisations.

  • Crypto, FinTech & Blockchain Recruitment

    Crypto, FinTech & Blockchain Recruitment

    Crypto, fintech & blockchain retained & contingency recruitment partners for crypto, blockchain and fintech companies internationally. We identify, select and recruit crypto, blockchain and fintech professionals across:

  • InsurTech – UK Review

    InsurTech – UK Review

    InsurTech (insurance technology) is starting to catch up its close relative FinTech in terms of new startups and bring innovation to the traditional insurance world

  • Equity Crowdfunding in UK – Review

    Equity Crowdfunding in UK – Review

    Equity Crowdfunding provides a door for entrepreneurs to open who wish to gain access to capital.

  • Review of UK Green Finance

    Review of UK Green Finance

    Green Finance is any structured financial product or service created to ensure a better environmental outcome.

  • Renewable Energy & Blockchain Technology

    Renewable Energy & Blockchain Technology


  • COVID-19, Blockchain & HealthTech

    COVID-19, Blockchain & HealthTech

    The 2020 Covid pandemic has sped up the adoption of blockchain and other emerging technologies in health.

  • UK RegTech

    UK RegTech

    What Is RegTech?

  • FinTech, Crypto & Blockchain Salaries

    FinTech, Crypto & Blockchain Salaries

    Salary can be the difference between recruiting and retaining your best employees or losing that talent to your competitors.

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