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Recruiting your team is easy, fast and structured. RecruitBlock empowers innovators and drives growth through people.

  • We help you to overcome recruitment obstacles and drive progress.

    As the crypto and blockchain space continues to evolve, RecruitBlock is committed to staying at the forefront of recruitment trends and challenges. We’re constantly adapting our strategies to meet the growing demand for expertise in areas such as decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and blockchain scalability solutions.

  • Let us find you the right talent, so you can focus on innovation.

    With our help, your business will reach its full potential and can find the right talent quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on what’s important to you. With our RecriuitBlock team of expert crypto, web3 & blockchain recruiters, we’ll find the right fit for each role based on our deep understanding of the industry.

  • Our specialist recruitment process ensures that each highly skilled candidate is the right fit for the position.

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Specialist Recruitment

Our extensive network of crypto web3 & blockchain talent lets us find you the best candidates for your international company. Ideal for the crypto web3 & blockchain vacancies you’re looking to fill.

Retained Recruitment

Our clients love us because we help them scale. As part of a comprehensive recruitment and hiring solution, our retained recruitment service includes salary benchmarking, analysis and psychometrics.

Executive Search

With our experience in the crypto market since 2018, our expert headhunters are able to confidentially identify and match highly skilled executives for your leadership positions using our global talent network.

We've Helped:

  • We’re proud contributors to the international crypto web3 & blockchain community.

    Our dedicated team of recruitment experts speak at international crypto web3 & blockchain events; one recent example was Zebu Live, London’s biggest web3 event, delivering People Power: Talent Matters.

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  • Zebu Live
Recruiting crypto web3 & blockchain talent

Our Hiring Process

We make recruiting highly skilled candidates affordable and easy for crypto web3 blockchain start-ups & scale-ups.

Our dedicated recruitment team support your hiring from start to finish, as extensions of your growing business. RecruitBlock focuses on finding the right skills and the right attitude to fit your company’s culture and goals.

01. Vacancy Briefings

It helps us get a good idea of what you’re looking for, the timeframes, and how you work so we can adapt to your recruitment needs.

03. Screen & Selection

We’ll source, screen and interview candidates, schedule tests, interviews and provide feedback, guaranteeing a positive candidate experience.

02. Advertise & Resource

Marketing vacancies through niche channels and outreach alongside using powerful recruitment tools, this is where the magic happens.

04. Offer & Negotiation

We provide HR and offer management support before and after onboarding where needed, we can also help with relocations.


About Us

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Crypto web3 & blockchain are our passions and we're actively involved in the international community, speaking at events and hosting crypto meetups. Our talent networks and cutting-edge recruitment tools help us to select and engage crypto web3 & blockchain talent across accounting & finance, legal & compliance, marketing, sales & growth, technology & software, and HR.

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Recruiting crypto web3 & blockchain talent

We're unique in our knowledge of the crypto web3 & blockchain industry and our ability to place exceptional candidates anywhere in the world. RecruitBlock provides a comprehensive suite of recruitment services, recruiting top talent, executive search to providing HR advice. Our comprehensive suite of recruitment services is tailored to the needs of our clients.